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Top 10 Bee Herbs and One to Avoid

I keep a couple of hives of bees so feverfew–despite its cheerful white daisy blossoms–is one herb I don’t have in my patch.


While feverfew has been revered over the ages for its medicinal properties bees steer clear of it. This can be a good thing if you’re allergic to bees; if that’s the case you might want to plant this herb with reckless abandon to provide yourself with an outdoor bee-free buffer zone. However, most people welcome bees for their pollinating helpful ways. The fact that bees detest feverfew is a compelling reason to keep it away from your garden…your vegetable garden in particular where bees help promote a bountiful harvest. And besides, these days bees have enough problems without people planting things they don’t like!

Yellow and white Daisies

So what herbs DO bees like?

Here is a list of the Top 10 Herbs for Attracting Bees to Your Garden!

Beebalm (Monarda)
Lemon Balm (beekeepers used to rub lemon balm on new hives to encourage bees to stay!)
Mint (some studies show mint may help reduce populations of the varroa mite that has become a big problem for beekeepers; many keepers plant mint around the hives for this purpose)

fresh mint in garden

A patch of mint in bloom…a bee smorgasborg!