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New studies find herb supplements contain dangerous fillers

Depending on the plant herbs have always had the capability to cure or to kill. Careful research and consulting with a doctor is a must before consuming any herb for medicinal purposes. What is unsettling is that recent studies have revealed that many herbal products contain fillers and other ingredients not listed on the bottle. Some of those fillers can have deadly consequences for the unsuspecting user.
Here’s a link to a recent article featured on MSN if you’re interested in finding out more

While growing your own herbs certainly doesn’t negate the need to consult a doctor, at least you know exactly what you’re taking when the plant has been plucked and processed from your own plot.
Back in 1939 Jethro Kloss wrote a book titled “Back to Eden”that would become known as the herbalists bible. Just the fact the book is still in print almost 100 years after it was written speaks volumes. Written before the pharmaceutical industry became the money gobbling behemoth it is today, the book discusses natural remedies for every imaginable illness. It’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in herbs and their uses. You can usually find a copy at your local health food store and, of course, on Amazon.

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